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Frequently Asked Questions
  Passengers First
The purpose of this website is to assist passengers who experience loss or damage to personal property or experience personal injury resulting from Trinity Technology Group's (TTG) screening operations on flights originating from the Tupelo Regional Airport (TUP), Souix Falls Airport (FSD), Sonoma County Airport (STS), and the following Montana Regional Airports; Dawson Community Airport (GDV), Sidney-Richland Municipal Airport (SDY), L.M.Clayton Airport (OLF), Wokal Field/Glasgow Intl (GGW) and Havre City-County Airport (HVR).. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and meeting your needs in efficient and timely manner.

What To Expect From All TTG Security Professionals

All Trinity employees are dedicated to the highest standard of professional quality security service. Whether it is through passenger screening checkpoints or the checked baggage security process, you can expect excellence in every phase of the process.

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